No More Tears (NMT) is a violence- and crime-prevention program founded in 2002 by men incarcerated at San Quentin and concerned citizens both seeking to remedy the rise of violent crime in their communities and reduce the recidivism rate of returning citizens.

We recognize the unique perspective of former perpetrators and value their ability to bring solutions to the communities where they once contributed to the problem.

NMT is a partnership made possible by the participation and support of community leaders, correctional staff, concerned citizens, and families impacted by violence and crime.

Our Program

Our curriculum consists of a four-part workshop series focusing on some of the factors that contribute to a life of crime and imprisonment: a sense of powerlessness, poor anger management skills, and a lack of positive mentorship, education, and personal responsibility. Participants learn strategies of nonviolent conflict resolution and receive mentorship.  

Graduates of the workshop series are also eligible to attend healing circles: transformative events where we unite survivors of violent crime and former perpetrators. In these two-hour deep listening–and-exploring sessions participants sidestep the politics of difference in favor of self-exploration in an empathic and supportive atmosphere.

Our graduates serve their communities as expert violence prevention advocates, peer counselors, and youth mentors both inside and out of prison. 

I went to San Quentin looking for my son’s killer, and look what I found. I found empathy. I found men, real men, who embrace change, who embrace life, and embraced me and my pain.
— A mother affected by violence
Our participants work hard to identify and transform the underlying causes of criminal thinking, addiction, and violent behavior. 
— Mick Gardner, Co-Founder/Executive Director
No More Tears means letting go of the past. Choosing growth over stagnation. Courage over Cowardliness. Being the change you want to see in the world.
— Henry Montgomery, NMT graduate
No More Tears helped me to look beyond my own fears to face the hurt and pain that I caused to others.
— An NMT graduate

In Memoriam of David Lewis and others

In honor of our dear departed NMT co-founder David Lewis, formerly incarcerated social activist and founder of the nationally recognized drug treatment and reentry program Free at Last, we recognize those who have committed themselves to caring for others and making a difference in the world. Rest in peace. 

  • Davante Spires

  • Bobby “Blu Nose” Hall

  • Herbert Tyrone Watt